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When arriving to Scotland from Germany, to study for my semester abroad at the University of Dundee, I had never even been in a rowing boat and had no intention to pick up the sport. But little did I know that would all change when I strolled past the desk of Dundee University Boat Club at the Sports Union’s fair during Freshers week. At the time, I did not realise how much this chance encounter would shape the time spent in my new home away from home. In joining the club with the intention to have a nice weekend activity, I came to enjoy it so much that I rarely missed a training session. Before I knew it, I found myself in the coxed beginner’s four, for the first race of the semester in Aberdeen.

I remember talking to the Men’s Captain, asking him if it was even worthwhile aiming for the races, because I would leave Dundee in December. When he assured me that being in the club...

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