2018/19 Season...

Blues & Colours Ball 2019

March 22, 2019

On Friday 22nd March, for the 2019 Blues & Colours Ball, DUBC were awarded the prestigious Club of the Year award for the second year in a row - the first consecutive win for a club since 1984! The honour recognises the continued dedication of the club's committee, captains, coaches and members in furthering the development of the club. In retaining the title for a second year, the club's elevated standing within Dundee Sports Union is cemented, proving that the boat club is performing above and beyond it's inter-club competition.


But it's not just the wins and competitive success that contributes to this award - it's the organisation of every single training session, on land or on water, the coordination of race weekends up and down the country, the integration of all members through exciting socials, the fundraising efforts for local charities, the management and development of the club's image, both internally and externally - the list is endless. For the committee and club members in attendance, the award was the cherry on top of an already fantastic night at the Old Course, St. Andrews. Many thanks to the University Sports Union for organising such an enjoyable night and congratulations to the Men's Team of Swimming & Waterpolo for winning the 'Team of the Year' trophy!

Blues & Colours Awards 2019

March 21, 2019

For the prestigious University Blues & Colours 2019 Awards, DUBC submitted a number of applications to recognise the sporting and volunteering achievements of our members. Attending the West Park Conference Centre on Thursday evening, the club was delighted to see all applicants successfully receive their awards.


For the Merit awards, which recognise a members dedication to their club in going above and beyond their role, three of our rowers took to the stage to collect their awards:

Fiona Lapp, 2nd Year Mathematics, for her unfailing commitment as a member of the Equipment team this past year. She has spent countless hours at the boathouse in Inchyra, assisting Club Master Aaron in everything from blade painting, boat repairs and boathouse refurbishments.

Harry Rogerson-Gleave, 2nd Year Economics & International Relations, which recognises his continued dedication to the club in both being a member of the Equipment team and driving the club's trailer to competitions up and down the country. He has proved he is a reliable and committed member to the committee and it's thanks to him that the club has been able to successfully partake in competitions this past year.

Matthew Simpson, 3rd Year Law & French, accepting his merit to recognise the mammoth effort he has put into developing the club's social media and social standing in the past 2 years. Through creating campaigns and spending hours on promotional material, he has helped to solidify the club's highly respected standing both within Scottish Rowing and the University Sports Union.

For the Colours awards, four members were celebrated for their sporting achievements within the club, with the awarding of three colours and a half-blue:

Eleanor Brinkhoff, 4th Year Physiological Sciences, received a half-blue for her dominant sporting success since joining the club as a complete beginner to the sport. Both within her crew and in her single, she has had an incredible competitive season finishing with 15 medals in total! As ex-Club Captain and dedicated athlete, she continues to inspire her fellow club members, as she and her crew now turn their eyes to Women's Henley Regatta later this year.


Hannah Campbell, 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering, added to her Merit award from last year with a Colour from this year's ceremony! As Club Captain this past year, Hannah has never failed to impress both her crew mates and the members that she leads as she's balanced her captain responsibilities with her degree, and still managed to compete at a high sporting standard.

Katie Canniford, 2nd Year Adult Nursing, received her first honour of a Colour from the University Sports Union, which recognises her determined and dedicated nature to the sport of rowing. Despite juggling placements and night shifts, Katie has always proved to be a reliable crew mate and ultimately has proved she is worthy of taking on the role of Women's Captain this next year!

Fiona Lapp, 2nd Year Mathematics, returned to the stage for a second time to collect her Colour award, which with her crewmates, symbolises their incredible competitive success from the past year. Winning as a 4 in every competition attended, Fiona also proudly boasts 2 medals from competing in her single from Aberdeen BC and Inverness RC - a success in itself considering she has only been rowing for a year and a half.

Following the individual awards, our President Eleanor also collected the club's Gold Accreditation which cements the club's standard as one of the top operating clubs within the Sports Union. As the evening drew to a close, the awards for DUBC were far from over...

Within the trophy awards, the club was honoured to receive the University of Dundee Graduates Association Award for Publicity! Having been awarded the same trophy at the end of the 2016/17 season, the club is very proud to be named it's recipient once again. It recognises the club's increased drive in its social media promotions, excellent internal and external communications, and recent successful efforts in strengthening alumni relations! The trophy was collected by soon to be Club Captain Matthew Simpson, who has spearheaded the club's mission in developing its promotions and publicity, through his capacity as Sponsorship & Communications Convenor this past year.

Many thanks to the University Sports Union for recognising our achievements and its continued support in recent years. Our committee now look forward to the Blues & Colours Ball at the Old Course, St. Andrew's on Friday 22nd March.

Annual General Meeting 2019

March 19, 2019

As the 2018/19 season draws to a close, it became that time yet again to elect our new club committee! Opening the meeting, our incumbent President Eleanor gave a warm welcome to our members and thanked everyone from committee, captains, coaches and club members for another incredible year of DUBC. Club Captain Hannah then had the chance to reflect on the busy year, reminding everyone of where we started last summer with our re-branding haul and equipment re-do, a big thanks was put out to the equipment team for their tireless effort into painting our new blade design.

Treasurer Karim was next to speak, giving an overview of the club's accounts and celebrating all the new equipment the club has been able to purchase, ultimately furthering the number of rowers taking to the water across our training sessions. After setting a celebratory tone for the evening, it was time to turn our attention to the election of our next committee. With 16 members standing to fill the 11 positions, all candidates provided a high standard of speeches which made it no easy task for club members to decide upon those tightly contested positions! 

After a lengthy hour and a half, much deliberation and final casting of votes, the 2019/20 committee was elected as follows:

President - Karim Zwart

Club Captain - Matthew Simpson

Men's Captain - Alasdair Iredale

Women's Captain - Katie Canniford

Club Master - Harry Rogerson-Gleave

Secretary - Lizzie Briggs

Treasurer - Henri Greenbaum

Safety Officer - Euan McLeod

Sponsorship & Comms Convenor - Isabella Ashcroft

Social Convenor - Anne Murray

Fresher Convenor - Ida O'Mahoney

President and Club Captain elect, Karim and Matthew, were delighted with the results and look forward to the upcoming year of leading the club onto continued success!

Aberdeen Eights Head

March 09, 2019

For DUBC’s last Head of the season we travelled back to the River Dee for Aberdeen BC’s Eights Head! With URA and Glasgow being the only other competing university clubs, it promised to be a less pressured but still competitive and enjoyable event. With only the one Eight to rig up, as we were grateful to be borrowing another eight from RGU, our rowers had plenty of time to fuel up, wait on the wind dying down and warm up before the first division. Representing the club across 4 different races were the senior men in the R2 8+, senior women in the W R2 8+, fresher men in the Novice 8+ and fresher women in the W Novice 8+.


Once coxes meeting and race briefs were had, it was time to hit the water, with our senior men and fresher women boating first. The wind remained annoyingly persistent for the first set of races meaning the two boats faced more challenging conditions than they had enjoyed in training on the Tay. Thankfully, the senior men had a great deal of experience across their boat to help combat the poor conditions and set off with a strong start, remaining resistant to the elements as they pushed hard down the course. As this was just the second race in the eight for our fresher women, experience was something they were lacking in and suffered for it slightly as they pushed through the strong current and blustery wind.


Following a quick turnaround once the boats returned to the club houses, it was time for the senior women and fresher men to race in division 2. Thankfully the wind was kinder as the day stretched on however race control issues meant the start time was slightly pushed back meaning an anxious wait at the start for our crews. First through the starting bridge was the fresher men’s boat, having put in plenty of miles in training prior to the race, it was unfortunate that the conditions still threw them as they progressed down the course. After a shaky start they regained lost water in the middle section, successfully breaking through the dreaded railway bridge (if you know, you know) and pressing on towards the finish. Again, the senior women had experience to thank in their race as they flew down the course overtaking their competition and chasing the fresher men onto the finish straight.


Once off the water, the senior women were surprised but delighted to learn they were the overall winners of their category and the second fastest eight in their division! Taking home the win, it was a fitting end for both our President Eleanor Pandya and ex-Club Captain Eleanor Brinkhoff, in their last Head race as members of the club. Many thanks to Aberdeen BC for organising another successful event on their home water and to Lewis McCue and URA for lending us the boat and blades to ensure all of our crews could race!

Scottish Student Head

February 16, 2019

In returning to one of the best racing locations in Scotland, DUBC set on their way to Inverness late on Friday evening for another exciting weekend for the combined Inverness 8’s Head & the Scottish Student Head! With 36 rower beans competing across the two days it constituted an impressive achievement with the club fielding more boats than ever before. After a well needed rest on the Friday night (again thanks to the kindness of Hannah, Holly and Alistair’s families) it was time for day 1 of racing on the Caledonian Canal.


For the first division our trusty 8+ Yogi was rigged up for our men’s R2/Intermediate 8+ racing in the student category against our friends over at Strathclyde Uni BC. Despite a strong start off the finish the boys struggled to hold off the other boat and faced a difficult course amongst their wash as they overtook round the first bend. Despite a minor collision into the bank towards the finish, they remained calm and finished strong, in a time of 16:34.


Chasing the boys were the women’s squad across the W R2/Intermediate 2x and the W Novice 1x. Eleanor and Hannah in the double pushed hard up against a stacked category to come off the water confident of their performance but unexpecting of a top result. Much to their surprise they came on top – just 3 seconds up on St. Andrew BC! Closing up the division was Fiona Lapp in the W Nov 1x. Having won the race when last on the canal, Fiona was determined to keep it however lost out on first place to Clydesdale ARC by 19 seconds.


In the second Saturday division, the senior women’s 8+ were first to take to the water ahead of their race in the W R2/Intermediate category. Then, making up the last of the men’s races of the day was Alex Phillips in his single, racing time only within the novice category. The girls had an incredible race together, despite limited opportunity to practice, they settled into the rhythm together, burned through crews from Edinburgh Uni BC and University Rowing Aberdeen, and finished strong! It was bitter sweet as they learned later that they missed out on retaining their title in the category from last year, by just 6 seconds – however they remained in high spirits off the back of an enjoyable race together. Alex made up the end of the division, coming off the water satisfied with his performance and eager to progress for next time.


After another night of big feed and bigger sleeps at Chez Bonsall, Campbell and Barnard’s, it was back to work on the canal for the second day of the Inverness weekend. With 8 boats racing across the 2 divisions there was little time for standing about and all hands were made busy. Following a quick last-minute boat change as a result of some forgotten riggers, crews were prepped, boats boated and ready for the division to get underway.


First down the course was the fresher women’s squad in the W Novice 8+. Off the start the crew experienced a rigger malfunction however recovered in good time and pushed on together towards the finish, completing the course in 21.06 minutes. Next for the women’s squad was the W R2/Intermediate 4+, hot off their win at SUBC Head, the girls were gunning to keep their top spot. Not only did they win in the R2 and student category, they were the fastest women’s 4+ of the division with a time of 18:04 – beating out University Rowing Aberdeen in both the R1 and Open categories.


For the men’s squad both fresher and seniors were represented in the Novice 4+, with the fresher boys also competing for the Beginner 4+ title. The senior boat made up of Aaron, Marcus, Lachlan and Karim chased the competition down the course and pulled off a commendable time of 18:12. For the fresher boys chasing them, having put in a good effort in their last head race as their 4, pulled off a strong finish despite a crab on the last corner, ultimately coming away with a time of 21.08.


For the second and last division of the weekend, the Novice 4x+ were first to come through the start line. The crew of Henry, Matthew, Alistair and Steffan were eager to improve on the boats last performance in Inverness, this time made up with a different combination of crew. Having come on top of friendly rivals at Strathclyde Uni BC in November they hoped to do the same, however the SUBC boat, stroked by member Rosie Morgan’s brother, proved they had the beans to push off and ultimately take first place. Chasing the boys was the remainder of the women’s squad, with the W Novice 4+ also keen to take another win for the year. Fiona C, Rosie M, Eleanor P and Dani left it all on the water, finishing in a time of 20:18, half a minute behind the winners University Rowing Aberdeen.


Closing up the weekend, and just in time as the rain started to heavily fall, was the two doubles in the W Novice 2x of Katie and Fiona L, taking second place behind a swift ASRA crew, and then Rosie B and Rosie H, ultimately finishing 4th in the category. Thanks to the sudden stormy weather our rowers were pushed to derig and pack up faster than normal meaning a quick escape from the canal back home to Dundee. A big thanks to Inverness RC for hosting us again, Scottish Student Sport for the medals and the families in Nairn for putting our club up once again!

Strathclyde Uni BC's Fours & Small Boats Head

February 02, 2019

Whilst the remainder of the club set off into the sunny Tay for a productive day of paddling, our girl’s squad travelled down to the rainy river of Glasgow, returning to keep their title in the W R2 4+ at Strathclyde University Boat Club’s Fours & Small boats head!


Despite a last-minute slip up with the Sports Union buses and a resulting lack of boats to be transported… our friends at SUBC very kindly went above and beyond to provide us with our two boats for the day. In the first division was our top girls 4, fresh from the New Year’s break and ready to continue their domination in their category. With Isabella steering them down the Clyde they completed the 4000m course in a whopping 15:52! And better yet they still bagged some medals to boast about, despite there being a disqualification leading to little to no competition!


Into the next and final division of the day, our ginger flame Eleanor Brinkhoff took to the water in her single for the W R2 1x. She made easy work of the two Clyde ARC scullers and powered down the course to take another gold medal!


After the medal ceremony was over, pictures taken and thanks to Strathclyde received, the girls travelled back up to Dundee already eager to focus on the next race!

Glasgow RC's Fours Head

November 24, 2018

For the final head race of 2018, DUBC headed south to Glasgow’s Clyde river! After an early start, the club descended upon Glasgow RC with 6 crews prepared to take to the water across the two divisions of the day.


Up first for the women’s squad was Eleanor B, Hannah, Katie and Fiona L competing in the W R2 4+. Having won the category at Aberdeen and narrowly losing in Inverness to Edinburgh Uni BC just a few weeks prior, the girls were eager to win back their title. Up against 4 other boats and with university clubs such as Strathclyde, Edinburgh and Glasgow in the mix, the girls were ecstatic to come away with the win – completing the 5k course in 20:39 minutes. Chasing the girl’s boat was our two Novice men’s boats, both made up with 3 of our fresher boys and a senior, to bring some extra experience to the crew. The first 4+ finished in a time of 22:09 minutes taking 3rd behind Edinburgh and Glasgow Schools, with the second of the two 4+’s finishing in a time of 24:08.


After a quick tea break and refuel, it was onto the second division with our men’s squad being represented by the R2 4+ made up of Alistair B, Callum, Alasdair I and Lachlan. Despite taking a close line behind the composite of Clydesdale RC, Glasgow RC & Strathclyde Uni, the boys narrowly lost out on 1st place by just 30 seconds! Followed closely behind them was the women’s squad in the W R2 4x+ and W Novice 4+. Although being a scratch crew the girls in the coxed quad proved their strength and determination by winning over their competition of Stirling RC. And followed closely behind them was another winning women’s crew with the Novice 4+ of Dani, Eleanor P, Chloe and Fiona C smashing the competition by over 30 seconds.


The rain may have came falling down for the end of racing however DUBC boasted plenty of gold medals to brighten up the gloomy Glasgow weather! Many thanks to Glasgow RC for hosting another enjoyable head race.

Inverness RC's Fours & Small Boats Head

November 10, 2018

For our second head race of the season, DUBC travelled up north to one of our favourite racing locations – the Caledonian Canal for Inverness Rowing Club’s 4’s and small boats head! Arriving on the Friday night our rowers enjoyed a comfortable kip (special thanks to Hannah, Holly and Alistair’s parents) before the busy weekend of racing.


Saturday saw 10 different crews take to the water across the 2 divisions so after getting the trailer of boats parked and the buses unloaded it was all hands-on deck! In the first division our Novice 4x+ earned a respectable 3rd place with a time of 15:11, narrowly beating our friendly rivals Strathclyde Uni BC. In the Novice 1x category the club was represented by both Harry and Steffan who, against a stacked category of 16 competitors, placed 8th and 11th respectively.


For the women’s races in the morning, Rosie and Amelia pushed hard in the Women’s Novice 2x, completing the short course of 3500m to come 6th overall. Our other girls boat took to the start line of the long course in the Women’s R2 4x+ and surprised everyone in bagging 1st place! Despite only having had one session in the quad as opposed to their usual 4+, the crew of Eleanor B, Fiona, Katie and Hannah proved that their teamwork is unbeatable!


After a short break of tea, biscuits and plenty of warm food thanks to the tea tent, all hands were back on for the second division of the day. The men’s squad had three boats take to the water; in the Novice 4+ category our fresher men competed across two boats and for most it was their first experience racing! The first of the two, stroked by Alistair Bonsall, a senior who helped make up the crew numbers last minute, placed 4th with a time of 15.25 and the second, stroked by Peter Geary, placed 8th with a time of 18:15. Making up the last of the men’s crews of the day was Aaron and Marcus in the Novice 2x! Despite predominantly sweeping for the club in competitions, they placed 5th with an impressive time of 17:12 for their first head race in a double.


Rounding up the day came the Women’s Novice 1x which saw Fiona Lapp take to the water, confident after her first ever win in the single at Aberdeen a few weeks prior but very aware of the stacked category. Rosie Handley, a new rower to our club coming from Herriot Watt Uni BC, had right to be confident too after placing second at Scot Champs in the lightweight single in June. After the last of the boats were taken off the water and everything packed away for the following day, the results came and a very happy Fiona celebrated in placing first out of 13 with a time of 16:57! Rosie was also chuffed with her time, placing 5th with 17:42.


After a big fill for dinner thanks to Hannah, Holly and Alistair’s parents, the team returned to the canal on Sunday fuelled for another big day. The men’s squad had the R2 2- and Open 4x boat in time for the first division starting. Both crews were looking to improve upon their previous races at Aberdeen and focused their efforts during the racing on moving well together in the boats, despite having limited opportunities to train together. For the women’s squad, the same four of the previous day swapped from the sculling blades to the sweep blades for the R2 4+ hoping to gain the same result to their earlier win. Unfortunately, they couldn’t quite make a break on the leading crew, ultimately finishing 3rd with a stellar time still of 19:02. The second women’s crew for the division was Jenna and Rosie H in the R2 2x who powered down the long course after just one session in training together, to cross the finish 7th.


The final division of the weekend saw the last 4 boats compete on the frosty November afternoon. Down the short course came the two women’s novice 4+’s, the senior boat comprising of Dani, Eleanor P, Chloe and Fiona, placed second place with an impressive time of 17:52 – a fantastic achievement for this crew’s first race together! The second of our boats in the category was our fresher women’s first experience racing. Despite some technical difficulties off the start the girls remained calm, focused on finishing the race strong and came off the water all smiles from the experience. For one of the girls in the boat, Sophie Cierans, she had an extra reason to smile as we celebrated her birthday with a cake and song around the trailer!


To then round up the day, our last two boats powered down the long course. The women’s open 4x of Rosie B, Amelia, Rosie H and Jenna finished 3rd overall, a well-earned placing against a very competitive category. Finishing it up for the men’s squad was the R2 4+, who pushed through a challenging second half of the course, made even more pressured with the cox box giving out, to finish 7th out of 12.


Once the last of the boats had been derigged and safely stowed away on the trailer it was straight back onto the road to head home – all in all, a very enjoyable weekend on one of the best racing locations in Scotland, thanks to Inverness RC for the well organised weekend!

Social Secretary's Semester Round-up

October 26, 2018

When I put myself forward to be social secretary at the end of last year, I never thought it would be so hectic yet so enjoyable at the same time. Here, at DUBC we pride ourselves on being more than just a Boat Club and it’s very important to us that when joining DUBC you feel welcome and as much part of the family as the rest of us. We are definitely the club of the year on and off the water and the start of this term has certainly been no exception.


Our first official social event of the year was our very popular Pub Row. 60 people dressed head to toe in sports kit and rowing onsies, did unsurprisingly raise a few eyebrows whilst travelling from pub to pub through the streets of Dundee. But none the less, the night went off without a hitch. Everyone was in teams of around 4 or 5, freshers grouped with seniors and given different photo challenges to complete throughout the night. A fab first social for the freshers to get involved in and see the off the water side to DUBC!


Next up we had our welcome drinks: WINTER ROWLYMPICS. DUBC loves a good rowing punt so winter Olympics was perfect. Again freshers and seniors were split into teams and given countries. It was then up to their senior parents to make costumes best suited to their country. The effort put in by some was outstanding and it set such a great tone for the rest of the night. After meeting at Beer Kitchen, it was a race to Brooke Close and there we played games which ended in a medal giving ceremony for the winning country!


On the 10th October, Aberdeen Uni BC were kind enough to invite us up to take part in a fresher training day. It was a great opportunity for our budding freshers to see a different river, a different club and get a glimpse into what their rowing career could become. Thrown straight into the deep end, our freshers and novice coxes were doing drills and racing each other down the water before you knew it. Also I think the freshers secretly enjoyed having steps into the water and not having to wade into the freezing Tay for once! Boat Club is how many of our seniors found best friends and flat mates so it is important to us to make sure the freshers are bonding with each other as well as the seniors.


For this reason we also organised a fresher social, freshers and members of the committee went to play laser tag because honestly who doesn’t love laser tag… Many laughs were had and it was a good opportunity to get to know one and other better through having to work together. After laser tag we headed to Beer Kitchen to rehydrate after running around like headless chickens for an hour! A very successful term so far for the social team! Next on the to do list Super Saturday, Trampoline Park and Christmas Dinner...

Aberdeen BC's Fours & Small Boats Head

October 25, 2018

Last weekend, DUBC made our way to Aberdeen Boat Club for the very first head race of the season, “Aberdeen 4s and Small Boats HOR”. The River Dee provides for a fantastic course, just under 4km, with plenty of bridges for our crews to practice their steering through! Thanks to the uncooperative tide, it meant for a later start for the club heading up North which gave us all plenty of time to get knuckled down, fuelled up, rigged up and race ready before the first division.


First to take to the water was our Women’s Open 4X (Bow: Rosie Handley, Jenna Boyd, Sophie Hannigan and Rosie Bowick: Stroke). Our bow pair, both new members of DUBC this year came to us with previous experience and slotted very nicely into this crew. Having only recently purchased our first coxless 4-/x these girls were the first to “race christen” the boat. Looking sharp, strong and slick as they flew past their team mates on the bank, the girls secured 2nd place with a respectable time of 12.14.0, placing 16th in the division overall, a solid platform to build upon for the rest of the Head Race season.


After a couple of steak and macaroni pies, the second division saw our men’s Nov 4+- (Bow: Lachlan Dow, Ali Iredale, Karim Zwart, Alistair Bonsall :Stroke) and R2 4x (Bow: Nick Ambrose, Matthew Simpson, Harry Rogerson-Gleave, Alex Phillips :Stroke), and our women’s R2 4+ (Bow: Fiona Lapp, Katie Canniford, Hannah Campbell, Eleanor Brinkhoff :Stroke) take to the water. The novice boys sailed past maintain a strong and steady rhythm, looking very relaxed as they pushed past the other crews. Their cox (Steffan Jones) motivated them right through the line winning the event with a time of 11:02 (even with the steering still tied down!!), giving our boys a major confidence boost for the rest of the season. The men’s coxless quad, worked together, staying long and strong right to the end and finished with second place, coming away with plenty of focus points for the rest of the season. Last to take to the water for the day, was our top senior women in the R2 4+ coxed by our new and upcoming cox, Bella Ashcroft. These girls have gone strength to strength over the past year, securing plenty of water time to make their mark on the upcoming season, and they sure did by winning the category with a strong time of 12.04. Big congrats to Bella for having the confidence to stay with and motivate her crew to success!


A good night’s sleep back in Dundee and with an extra hour in bed, our rowers made their way back to A.B.C to compete for the second day. With the sun shining and beautifully flat water, our small boats stood eager to get out and smash the course! First to take to the glass, our women’s Open 2- (Fiona Lapp, Katie Canniford) who have been working in the miles for their first race in the pair. Starting of strong, the girls stood strong amongst the other competitors but steering difficulties occurred in the last 1km coming in with a time of 13.36. The girls came away with plenty of experience and have since analysed their race on where to improve for next time. Next up, our two scullers, Harry in his novice single and Eleanor in her R2 single. For his first race in his single, Harry was relaxed and strong, placing 3rd with a respectable time of 12.59. Harry is excited to get more miles in, improve on certain aspects of his stroke and come back fighting. Having lost her novice status last season, Eleanor was excited for a new challenge with a more equal level of competition. Making her mark in the R2 category, Eleanor came away with a time of 12.55, placing 3rd. Gaining more experience, Eleanor is already looking at more ways to improve her overall times.


Fuelling up and a quick turnaround, division 2 still blessed us with more ideal rowing conditions. First up, Lachlan Dow, Karim Zwart, made their debut racing the Open2-, coming away with their heads held high and a great race experience., and even managed to complete the course without having to swim home! Our two newbies, Nick Ambrose and Alex Phillips, raced the Open2x. Having both had previous experience from rowing at St Andrew and Reading Boat Club, the boys were excited to represent their new club and make their mark. Being the only boat in their category they bounced off the surrounding crews and came away with a solid time of 12.51. We’re excited to see how these boys progress throughout their time at DUBC. Also making her debut, Fiona Lapp, has taken like a duck to water with her single. Having an immense amount of determination, Fiona has been practicing day in and out, and has come on heaps of bounds which was visibly shown in her big win in the Novice category, beating her other rival by 3minutes!

Last but certainly not least, our Fresher boys. Racing in the beginner 4+ category the boys were full of nerves and excitement for their first ever race. Having had a mixture or turbulent and successful sessions, the boys did DUBC and themselves proud, staying controlled and strong throughout the entire race. A couple of technical slip ups didn’t put them off but only strengthened their ambition to work harder and improve for the next race!


A very successful start to the head race season, with strong platforms to build upon over the next coming weeks, DUBC are looking forward to their upcoming races at Inverness and Glasgow.

August Training Camp

August 30, 2018

DUBC held their first pre-season training camp from Wednesday 29th August to Saturday 1st September. 27 members took part with 5 of them being the student coaches that were out in the launch helping improve athletes technique that had been forgotten over the long summer break!

The first day was gorgeous weather and with it being the first time back at the boathouse for most members meant there was a lot of rigging and tidying up to be done. We managed to get everyone on the water and a long row up to the Friarton bridge just outside Perth. After a busy morning we headed back into Dundee and had a 45 minute classroom session with experienced rower Olaf, teaching us all about UT2, anaerobic and aerobic training. The squad then went into the studio where our women’s captain Holly ran a circuit class followed by deep stretching.

The second day of camp was not quite as relaxed as the first, there were three water sessions planned and more of the team in attendance. It was another glorious day on the Tay making training a little more bearable! Two tough water sessions before lunch meant that most rowers spent the hour long break soaking up the rays or catching up on sleep before the final session took place.

Day three of camp and as we left Dundee at 8am we could see the blanket of cloud covering the silvery Tay. When we arrived at Inchyra where our boathouse is situated the air was like pea soup sadly making it unsafe to go out onto the water so the morning was spent working on boat maintenance. The cloud lifted after an hour or so meaning we could get one water session in before heading back to Dundee for another classroom session lead by Olaf. This time he spoke about race starts and short 350m pieces as we were in preparation for Saints 350m sprint regatta. Another core and deep stretching session lead by Holly definitely put the boys squad through their paces bending them in ways they never thought were possible!

The final day of camp was focused on a lot of short, sharp, high rate pieces in order to prepare for the upcoming regatta. We had a great three sessions on the water with lots of mixed crews to accommodate for all that signed up to camp and all Saints crews managed to get out too. Our athletes all finished very tired but still manged to push through and after a quick power nap we all enjoyed the first night of fresher’s week!

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