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Water sessions are carried out from our Boathouse at Inchyra. Situated just 20 minutes west of Dundee, the land lies right beside the River Tay allowing for some of the most scenic rowing sessions in the UK. The Boathouse itself was built by students in the early 1990's after the founding of the club. Throughout the years, the building has been expanded with help from the University in order to accommodate a growing list of equipment.


Dundee University Sport Facilities 

For indoor training, we use the University's training facilities. The ISE is equipped with a purpose-built strength and conditioning suite which allows all members to have access to Olympic weight lifting equipment alongside key accessory machines. Recently, the ISE has allowed members access to their PT programme, designing training programmes for each club. The ISE is also home to Studio 2. This is where the club holds its indoor erg training in the morning and out Friday Circuit sessions.


Our training also extends beyond the Tay and the gym! We organise regular club runs, cycles, and outdoor circuits sessions, taking full advantage of the outdoor space Dundee and the surrounding area has to offer. 

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