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University Indoor & Adaptive Rowing Series


This year, we're excited to be hosting the BUCS Indoor Rowing Championships! The event will be on Saturday the 5th of November in the Institute of Sport and Exercise on the University of Dundee campus. The address can be found below


Throughout the day, we will be running the following events:

BUCS Events:

  • Championship Open Men's 2km

  • Championship Open Women's 2km

  • Championship Lightweight Men's 2km

  • Championship Lightweight Women's 2km

  • Championship Adaptive Men's 1km

  • Championship Adaptive Women's 1km

  • Beginner's Men's 1km

  • Beginner's Women's 1km

Open Events:

  • Open Men's 500m

  • Open Women's 500m

  • Open Weight Men's 2km

  • Open Weight Women's 2km

  • Lightweight Men's 2km

  • Lightweight Women's 2km

Relay Events:

  • Open Team Relay 1km

  • Women's Team Relay 1km

  • Mixed Team Relay 1km*

  • Beginner Mixed Team Relay 1km*

  • Campus Sports Team Relay 1km

*must have at least 2 women

Competitors will be allowed entry from 9am onwards, with racing beginning at 10 am, and lightweight categories starting from 11 am. Lightweight competitors must weigh in at least an hour before racing, with men weighing 75.0kg or less, and women weighing 61.5kg or less. Lightweight competitors who do not make their weight will still be able to race but will not be placed. Their time will be listed at the bottom of the race category they entered. Lightweight competitors failing to make their weight will have their time included in the open weight category results.


Entries will cost £7.75 per person or £15 per relay entry, open on October 14th and close on November 1st at 23:59. To enter, please email for an entry form. Additionally, all competitors must apply through BUCS play to be eligible for BUCS Points & medals. When applying competitors must also select which event they wish to attend from the dropdown list in BUCS Play.

BUCS Play: 

BUCS Points:

BUCS points and medals in each Championship category.

1st: 12 points and Gold medal

2nd: 8 points and Silver medal

3rd: 6 points and Bronze medal

4th: 4 points

Overall team points are available for a men’s team and a women’s team. Team positions are awarded based on an institution’s top four placings across all event categories.


1st: 20 points

2nd: 14 points

3rd: 10 points

4th: 7 points

5th: 5 points

6th: 3 points

7th: 2 points

8th: 1 point


Institute of Sport and Exercise

University of Dundee,

Old Hawkhill,



British Rowing Go Row Indoor: 

BUCS Rowing Indoor and Adaptive Rowing Championships:

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