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Aberdeen Fours Head

Last Saturday DUBC took to the Dee for our second race of the semester but the first for the majority of our squad, with two fresher crews racing for the very first time!

Saturday saw our fours and quads getting to race, the R24+ (Steffan Jones, Callum Banks, Fraser Jefferies, Oliver Bohle COX: Laura Speake) started strong but unfortunately encountered a steering fault mid-race resulting in a slower time than hoped but plenty of potential for the coming year.

Next to finish was the WR24X+ (Rosie Bowick, Becca Haigh, Amelia Powell, Ellie Gkika COX: Holly Barnard) maintaining good technique and driving the boat on got them second place in their category, a fab result having only trained together a handful of times! The final senior crew was the WNov4+ (Katie Fisher, Fiona Chapman, Chloe McCormick, Amy Gilmore COX: Matthew Simpson) who had a strong race however were also plagued with some steering issues but still crossed the line happy with Matt experiencing the coxing seat at a race for the first time. The final boat of the division was the WBeg4+ (Lizzie Briggs, Rachel Donnison, Fiona Lapp, Dani White COX: Eleanor Brinkhoff). Having never experienced a racing environment before, they kept their cool at the start and technique throughout, coming a respectable 4/7.

After a quick turn around involving re-rigging a boat and a few more jelly babies it was on to division 2. The first boat out was the WR24+ (Eleanor Brinkhoff, Hannah Campbell, Katie Canniford, Lucy Downing COX: Holly Barnard) with a good start they managed to overtake 1 boat and hold off any others, coming in 4/7. The Nov4+ (Euan McLeod, Aaron Duff, Baljit Singh, Marcus Robinson-Jones COX: Matthew Simpson) were the final senior four on the course, despite some undercutting from another boat, they powered on into second place. Rounding up the day was the Beg4+ (Karim Zwart, Harry Rogerson-Gleave, Alistair Bonsal, Henri Greenbaum COX: Laura Speake) focusing forward and working as a crew they came in at a well deserved second place.

After tightening a few foot-plates it was on to division 2 which saw the O2X (Ross Morrison, Euan McLeod) head out. Setting a strong rate from the off they crossed the line in 3rd, certainly a double to watch out for come regatta season! Finishing off the racing for the weekend was the Beg4+ with their second race together. After a few pointers to work on for the previous day they battled the more challenging conditions and came in at 2nd once again. A great weekend, with all crews coming off with smiles on their faces but eager to improve for the next races. Big thanks to Aberdeen Boat Club for hosting a great head of the river, putting us up Saturday night and lending us a boat and blades. Also shout out to Beth Drybrugh, Aaron Donald and Ruraridh Simpson for cheering us on from the bank and lending a hand for manic rigging of boats and of course our four-pawed mascot Jess. Back onto the Tay for now, but bring on Glasgow in a few weeks!


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