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Castle Semple Regatta 2017

What a fantastic weekend! Against the rain and the wind DUBC came back with some fantastic results - making the club very proud.

The first race of the day was ONov2x which was a three heat race. We had 2 crews entered: Fraser Jefferies and Ross Morrison, along with James Parker and Marcus Robertson-Jones who were in the following heat, they both raced well placing 4th and 5th respectively.

The next race of the day was a WNov4x+ (COX Laura Speake, Katie Johnson, Becca Haigh, Ellie Gkika and Rosie Bowick) who placed a brilliant 2nd in their heat. This put them through to the final where they came 3rd - a truly wonderful result! Rachael Wells was next to race in her single (WR2 1x) who had a great race, she came 1st in her heat and 2nd overall! What a brilliant way to race one her last races for DUBC. The last race of the morning was a combined club race who competed in OR2 4x+, Ross Morrison joined 3 others and they got a whopping 1st place in their straight final!

As the afternoon came in everyone was in high hopes for the crews competing. Our first race was ONov1x where Fraser Jefferies and Euan McLeod both placed well in their heats (3rd and 4th) and Fraser Jefferies made it through to the final which is a brilliant result for his first sprint race in a single!

WNov4+ was the next race which was a straight final. The girls (COX Laura Speake, Eleanor Brinkhoff, Becca Haigh, Katie Johnson and Rosie Bowick) placed 2nd overall, which is again another brilliant result and hopefully was a good last race for Katie Johnson with DUBC. The second last race of the day was ONov4x+ by COX Laura Speake, Fraser Jefferies, Ross Morrison, Euan McLeod and Eleanor Brinkhoff where they placed 1st in their heat against some tough competition which put them through to the finals. In the finals they raced well despite the swell and placed a brilliant 3rd place. The final race of the day was WR2 2x (Rachael Wells and Katie Johnson) which placed 2nd in their heat which again put them into the final and they were both very pleased!

Overall, each of these members made DUBC very proud with some incredible impressive rowing this Saturday! Congratulations everyone, here's to many more successful seasons!!


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