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January Training Camp

To kick-start the new year and semester, DUBC took on a 4-day training camp getting BUCS crews out for 2 water sessions and 1 land. Perfect water conditions allowed for crews to build up their mileage, whilst also getting technical coaching to improve individual technique. A long UT2 piece in the morning got everyone back to building up fitness and rowing continuously after a long break. After some carbs and an attempt at regaining feeling in the hands it was on to a shorter piece at a higher intensity, getting crews back up to racing rate and used to maintaining technique despite the higher heart rate.

The afternoon session gave everyone an opportunity to debrief and begin to formulate a plan for the upcoming semester along with stretching to loosen up sore bodies ready for it all again the following day. After 4 days, more blisters than normal skin and both individual and crew points to improve upon, the camp was completed. Great perseverance from the whole squad despite the freezing conditions and long days everyone came through feeling more positive about the upcoming months with some key areas to focus on. Bring on 2018!

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