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Strathclyde Park Regatta

Overall everyone had a great day racing, the weather was beautiful and the water was flat calm from the majority of the morning and picked up slightly for the afternoon.

We had seven races on Saturday. 1st race of the day was with Holly Barnard, Hannah Campbell, Katie Johnson and Rachael Wells in WRes2 4x with a very strong row but equally strong competition - a great way to start the morning! Our second race of the day was ORes2 2x (Rory Dyce and Steffan Jones) who came a close 4th place in their heat. The third race of the day was SSCWI4+ (COX: Laura Speake, Eleanor Brinkhoff, Becca Haigh, Rosie Bowick, Katie Johnson) was a very competitive race with a straight final were Dundee put in a good fight and came 5th overall.

The afternoon races were novice races and the course was reduced to 1000m. Our fifth race of the day was WNov 2x (Eleanor Brinkhoff and Sophie Hannigan) came 2nd in their heat, progressing them into the final. Coming 5th in their final and 5/24 which is a great overall result, and a good starting pointing for future races. Our last race of the day Euan McLeod racing his single who placed 5th in his heat with a close finish.

Overall Saturday was a very successful race day and hopefully next year we can bring back some equally good results, maybe even shiny medals!!


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