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Annual General Meeting 2019

As the 2018/19 season draws to a close, it became that time yet again to elect our new club committee! Opening the meeting, our incumbent President Eleanor gave a warm welcome to our members and thanked everyone from committee, captains, coaches and club members for another incredible year of DUBC. Club Captain Hannah then had the chance to reflect on the busy year, reminding everyone of where we started last summer with our re-branding haul and equipment re-do, a big thanks was put out to the equipment team for their tireless effort into painting our new blade design.

Treasurer Karim was next to speak, giving an overview of the club's accounts and celebrating all the new equipment the club has been able to purchase, ultimately furthering the number of rowers taking to the water across our training sessions. After setting a celebratory tone for the evening, it was time to turn our attention to the election of our next committee. With 16 members standing to fill the 11 positions, all candidates provided a high standard of speeches which made it no easy task for club members to decide upon those tightly contested positions!

After a lengthy hour and a half, much deliberation and final casting of votes, the 2019/20 committee was elected as follows:

President - Karim Zwart

Club Captain - Matthew Simpson

Men's Captain - Alasdair Iredale

Women's Captain - Katie Canniford

Club Master - Harry Rogerson-Gleave

Secretary - Lizzie Briggs

Treasurer - Henri Greenbaum

Safety Officer - Euan McLeod

Sponsorship & Comms Convenor - Isabella Ashcroft

Social Convenor - Anne Murray

Fresher Convenor - Ida O'Mahoney

President and Club Captain elect, Karim and Matthew, were delighted with the results and look forward to the upcoming year of leading the club onto continued success!


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