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Graduates 2021

Thank you to all of our 2021 graduates. Despite this difficult year for club rowing, with the pandemic restrictions keeping our members from the water, we want to celebrate all that our graduates this year have achieved since 2016! You have all been valuable members of the Club, who have each in your own way spurred on its development to where it stands today. We wish you all the best of luck with your next chapter, wherever that may take you!

Thank you graduates of 2021!

Alex Phillips, Law (Eng/NI) LLB (Hons)


Alex joined DUBC with extensive knowledge of rowing from his time at Reading Rowing Club. From his new training ground of the River Tay, he has furthered himself as a successful sculler, proven by wins at local Heads and the Scottish Rowing Indoor Champs! He has been a pillar of the Men’s Squad and has keenly shared his knowledge of rowing to new members throughout his time. His cheekiness has never failed to bring a smile to members’ faces around the Boat House. Next, Alex will study towards his conversion degree in Scots Law for which we wish him all the best!


Alistair Bonsall, Microbiology BSc (Hons)


Since his introductions to the Club as part of the 2017 Beginner cohort, Alistair has continued to be a compassionate and reliable member of the Men’s Squad. He has progressed tremendously in his rowing skills since his first sessions and remains a beloved member by the squads, old and new. Alasdair’s enthusiasm for providing support at Inchyra and welcoming new members to the Club community has been a welcomed asset to the club. It’s a testament to Alastair's drive that he has achieved a first class honours degree while training and competing with DUBC. We wish Alistair the best of luck as he continues in Dundee towards his Masters degree!


Amelia Powell, Urban Planning MA (Hons)


Amelia joined the Club in 2017, looking to continue with her experience of rowing from her roots of Falcon Rowing Club in Oxford. She quickly integrated into the Senior Women’s Squad and enjoyed competing in local Heads and Regattas across Scotland. Off the water, Amelia made the most of the Club’s exciting social calendar, making friends throughout the squads who she will no doubt remain close with for years to come! Graduating with a First Class honours degree in Urban Planning, the Club looks forward to cheering her on in her future endeavours - congratulations Millie!


Anne Murray, Law (Scots & English Dual Qualifying) LLB (Hons)


Social Convenor 19/20

Anne joined the Club in her second year of university and became a key proponent within the Beginner Women’s squad. She then took on the role of Social Convenor in 2019 in which she created some of the most memorable socials to bring new and old members together! She could always be relied upon to stir up motivation for a Wednesday sports night out and would be the first to hit the dancefloor to show everyone how it’s done! As Anne continues with her studies in Dundee’s School of Law this coming year, we hope to see her back on the water with DUBC!


Callum Banks, Geography MA (Hons)


Men's Captain 18/19

The Club welcomed Callum in 2017 as a fresh faced ex-Junior from YARM, eager to use his knowledge and expertise from school to spur on Dundee’s status within Scottish Rowing. Following a year in the 3 seat for the Senior Men’s 4+, Callum stood as Men’s Captain and worked as part of the student coaches towards the development of the performance programme, which culminated in the second ‘Club of the Year’ accolade following 2017! During his time within DUBC, he also represented Newcastle in Power 8 Sprints. We wish Callum all the best as he moves onto a PGCE at Cambridge University and hope to see his Dundee kit make an appearance down south!


Fiona Lapp, Mathematics BSc (Hons)


Club Master 19/20, Women's Captain 20/21

Since joining the club in 2017, Fiona has become a shining example of the potential that lies in the Club’s learn to row pathway. Having never stepped foot in a gym prior to university, she leaped from beginner to powerhouse within the Senior Women’s squad, finishing her second year as part of the Women’s Henley Regatta runner-up crew in the Development 4+ event. Fiona boasts an impressive collection of medals from a variety of local and national events including Scottish Rowing Indoor Champs! Her passion for rowing is further evidenced through her contributions to the committee where she has helped bring on the next generation of members at DUBC. Thank you Fiona for all you’ve achieved!


Grace Hiles, Law (Eng/NI) LLB (Hons)


Grace joined the Club in 2018 and quickly stood out among the fresher intake for her infectious laugh and unmistakable northern accent. She never failed to lift the mood of the cold and dark Winter sessions, always ready to take on any challenge with a smile on her face. As part of the Beginner Women’s 8+, Grace steadily developed her skills in the boat before swapping out for the cox seat where she put her enthusiasm and booming voice to good use. As she continues on with her academia at the University of Edinburgh, we wish Grace all the best!


Isabella Ashcroft, Forensic Anthropology BSc (Hons)


Sponsorship and PR 19/20

After 4 years at DUBC, Bella represents the very best of the Club’s developing coxswain pathway. Having learned the ropes within the 2017 beginner intake, she went on to take the reins of the Senior Women’s 4+ and consistently steered them to victory throughout the 18/19 season! This success peaked with the crew’s runner-up result at HWR in 2019 for the Frank V Harry Cup. Bella was known for her ‘small but mighty’ presence on the competition circuit and will be sorely missed for her enthusiasm that she brought to each endeavour - congratulations Bella, we can’t wait to see what you go onto next!


Jamie Adams, Pharmacology BSc (Hons)


Equipment Officer 19/20

Joining in early 2018, Jamie discovered a passion for rowing at Dundee which proved to be highly influential on his university career. His perennially positive attitude towards the sport was widely celebrated by Captains and peers alike, as it served to improve the club culture towards perseverance during the gruelling Winter training months. This commitment to the sport was recognisable in his invitation to row for the RAF in the joint services regatta in 2019. All in all, the Club remains indebted to Jamie for all of his contributions, as a welcoming and friendly representation to new members, to the countless hours spent at the Boathouse as an Equipment Officer - thank you Jamie and all the best!


Jessica Murray, Adult Nursing BSc


In recent years, the Club has seen many student nurses come through as dedicated supporters in which Jessica is no exception. In learning to row at Dundee, she developed her skills in the Beginner Women’s 8+ before taking up sculling. At the onset of COVID-19 restrictions, Jessica worked in covid wards throughout the pandemic, for which the Club remains proud of her commitment to the NHS within our home region of Tayside. Her caring nature extended beyond the hospital as you’d often find her looking out for members after sessions or nights out. We wish her all the best as she becomes a registered nurse - congratulations Jessica!


Karim Zwart, International Finance BIFin (Hons)


Treasurer 18/19

Karim joined the Club as a newcomer to the sport but wasted no time in establishing himself within the men’s squad. From the stroke seat in his first year, he set the bar for the beginner men’s squad both on and off the water through training. In taking on the role of Treasurer, he radically reformed the financial operations of the Club in order to streamline delivery and improve the Committee’s management. Moreover, he led in the redesigning of the Club’s blades to represent the new era of Dundee rowing. As he ventures across the river to St. Andrew’s to continue with his academia, we wish him the best for his future endeavours!


Lachlan Dow, Computing Science BSc (Hons)


As part of the 2017 learn to row intake, Lachlan drew on his sporting experience in martial arts to develop his skill and strength on the water. He soon became a mainstay within the Beginner Men’s squad, bringing an infectious drive and enthusiasm for competition. Lachlan proved to be a formidable component of the squad, demonstrating his dedication to the training programme through his impressive performance on the erg each week. His contributions to the Club have helped establish a new standard for beginner rowing within Dundee for which DUBC is stronger - thank you Lachlan!


Matthew Simpson, Law (Scots) with French LLB (Hons)


Social Secretary 17/18, PR Convenor 18/19, Club Captain 19/20, President 20/21

Matthew joined DUBC in 2016 and has learned to row, cox and coach with us. He has been an instrumental part in changing the attitudes towards DUBC, the development of Inchyra, improvement of our training programmes and our Alumni relations. He has seen us achieve three Club of the Year awards and a Scottish Rowing Club of the Year victory all in the last 4 years. Being awarded the James Boyle Shield for volunteering in 2019/20 for his outstanding contributions to the Club, goes to show the dedication Matthew has for DUBC. His success also extended to racing, with wins in local competitions around Scotland. We all wish him the best of luck in his new role as Scottish Student Rowing Chair and whatever other adventures graduation brings!


Merryn Thomson, Physiological Sciences BSc (Hons)


As an experienced swimmer and keen sports fanatic, Merryn joined DUBC seeking a new challenge in learning to row. Throughout her time in the Club, she balanced her commitments to rowing with her course and passion for swimming & waterpolo - not to mention her love for a Wednesday sports night out! Merryn used her enthusiasm for sport to bring clubs together during her time as Campus Sport Officer on the SU Exec. The Club was proud to see Merryn go on to lead DUSWPC as President in her final year - congratulations Merryn!


Oliver Bohle, Physics BSc (Hons)


Oliver came into the Club as an experienced watersports athlete, having honed his skills in the kayak during his earlier school years. He quickly translated this diligence and strength into the sweep boat, advancing into the Senior Men’s 4+ after clinching the win in the Beginner Men’s Event at Scottish Rowing Indoor Champs in 2017! Oliver quickly set a new standard for the Men’s squad after achieving the top erg score and proved to be an admirable role model for the entire Club in his concerted approach to training and competition. We wish Oliver the best of luck in his future and hope to see him continue with his passion for sport!


Rosie Handley, Fine Art BA (Hons)


Rosie joined DUBC from our friends at Heriot-Watt, after enjoying a successful stint within their lightweight Women’s squad. She brought a wealth of experience to the Club which she utilised within her crews to spur on her teammates. With her bright demeanor and positive can-do attitude, Rosie never failed to light up a training session! Her dedication to the sport was demonstrated in her high attendance across events, which included medal success from Scottish Rowing Indoor Champs to local head races. We wish Rosie all the best in her future endeavours!


Sophie Hannigan, Medicine MBChB


Sponsorship and PR 17/18

Sophie has always been an avid supporter of the Club throughout her university career. Even before taking on the role of PR Convenor in 2017, she demonstrated her willingness to support the committee through taking a lead in the creation of the Annual Club Calendar. Sophie proved to be an integral and enthusiastic member of the Senior Women’s squad, enjoying medal success at local head races and representing DUBC at BUCS! Her bubbly charm will no doubt serve her well in her future career as a Doctor - congratulations Sophie!