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Graduates 2022

Thank you to the graduates of 2022. Each and every one of you has made the club a welcoming place to be, and you have all contributed massively during the hard times we have gone through the past 3 years. Through the pandemic, DUBC persevered, and this year, you have helped us bounce back better than ever. We are extremely grateful for the effort you have all made. From training to racing, or committee, we hope your time with the club has given you memories to last a lifetime. Take these experiences with you as you progress into the next stage of your life. We can’t wait to see and hear all about your future endeavors. Lots of love, DUBC.

Thank you to all 2022 graduates!

Alasdair Iredale, Biological Sciences BSc (Hons)


Men’s Captain 19/20, Club Captain 20/21, 21/22

Since joining the club, Ali made a big splash in all aspects (pun intended). Having learned to row at George Heriot's School, he was very quick to put his knowledge to good use, coaching even in his first year in the club. His continued enthusiasm led him to become an incredibly successful captain over the past few years, completely redesigning our training, squads, and infrastructure. He has spearheaded our new equipment strategy, which has allowed us to buy several new boats and redesign our boathouse. He was also the recipient of the Graham Healy Student Coach of the Year Award by our Sports Union which was very well deserved. However, he didn’t just stop with being a coach, as Ali has been in the top men’s crews his whole time at DUBC, and holds the best erg scores too! We can’t thank Ali enough for his level of commitment and can’t wait for the next few years as he takes on his PhD here at the University of Dundee alongside being the Sports Union’s Honorary Secretary for 2022/23.


Beth Forrester, Biochemistry BSc (Hons)


Beth came to DUBC in 2019 where she learned to row, coming from an already impressive athletic background of endurance running and horse riding. Alongside her degree in Biochemistry, Beth has juggled increasingly intense training as she moved up to the senior squad, with gaining her scuba diving qualifications! During covid, she learned to scull, and at the beginning of this year, she achieved her first win at Inverness SSS Head Race with Ida O’Mahoney in the Novice Women’s 2x. Beth has been a cherished member of the club during her time here, and we wish her the very best for the future, whatever it may bring!


Emily Campbell, Child Nursing BSc (Hons)

2019 - 2022

Freshers Convenor 20/21

Emily joined the club in 2019, learning to row with the club as a fresher. Right from the start, she impressed everyone with her great splits at training. She competed at Inverness Head 2019, keeping up a balanced training schedule, whilst also working towards her degree in nursing. Emily joined our committee as Freshers Convenor in 2020 and took to the role perfectly. Always a familiar face at socials and nights out, she made all the new freshers feel welcomed. We wish Emily all the best as she goes forward into the future!


Erin McBroom, Adult Nursing BSc (Hons)


Social Convenor 20/21

Erin learned to row with DUBC in 2019. As she progressed through the club, she decided to turn her hand to coxing. Her knowledge of rowing, paired with her powerful presence in the boat, made her an excellent coxswain, powering our crews down the Tay. Her dedication to the club was admirable, juggling time between her degree in nursing - and training. Always a friendly face at socials, she made for a perfect addition to our committee in 2020/2021 as Social Convenor, hosting many great events despite the challenges of the pandemic. We can’t wait to hear about everything to come, and wish her all the best!


Ethan King, Philosophy MA (Hons)


Safety Officer 20/21

Ethan joined DUBC in 2019. Bringing big splits and power as a fresher boy, he blew everyone away. His strength was quickly proven in the boat as well, especially when having to get his knee pushed back into place mid-race. Ethan held the role of Safety Officer on our committee in 2020/2021, during a time when covid refigured how the club had to run. He had a passion for the gym, and when restrictions were lifted, he relaxed his rowing in turn for weightlifting, becoming one of the founders of the University of Dundee Weightlifting Club (DUWLC). He has had so many achievements in such a short time, and we know he will go on to excel at whatever he has planned next. Best of luck!


Henry Schofield, Psychology BSc (Hons)


Henry learned to row when he first joined the club in 2018, and from day one, made an impression on the club. He quickly took to being in the boat, and definitely made the most of the socials, which wouldn’t even be half as fun without him. By the end of his first year, he was in the fresher boys 4x and went on to put a lot of work into rowing in the single and the Novice 4+. Henry has gone from strength to strength in his rowing abilities and showcased this in the Senior Men’s 4+ and the single at several racing events throughout his time here. His lovable personality has made him a cherished member of the club, and we hope it won’t be long before we see where time will take him.


Ida O’Mahoney, Business Management BSc (Hons)


Fresher Convenor 19/20, Equipment Officer 20/21

When Ida first joined DUBC, her enthusiasm for the sport brought new life into the club. Her roles as Fresher Convenor, as well as Equipment Officer, go to show her dedication over the years to make the most of her time at rowing. When restrictions began to ease in the summer of 2021, she began to row in a double with Beth Forrester, and together they pushed each other, becoming a successful crew, and earning them both their first race win at Inverness SSS Head Race. Her smiles got everyone through those sessions on the Tay when the weather was rough, and uplifted everyone during morning ergs. Her hard work didn’t stop at training, as she achieved first-class honours in her degree. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavours!


Konstantin Menge, Electrical Engineering BEng (Hons)


Equipment Officer 20/21, 21/22

Since joining in 2019, Konstantin has remained an extremely valued member of the club. His enthusiasm towards lending a helping hand with equipment has been admirable, as an ever-present member at equipment sessions on those rainier days at Inchyra. In the boat, his humorous character was, more often than not, paired with his stylish bucket hats which made countless appearances on the Tay and at races. Konstantin's dedication to training, both on and off the water, matched with his commitment to socials, made him a warm and friendly face here at DUBC. We want to wish him all the best in the future - on the exciting journey he will no doubt take.


Lizzie Briggs, Dentistry BDS


Equipment Officer 18/19, Secretary 19/20

Lizzie has been one of our longest-standing members, joining the club back in 2016. Throughout this time, Lizzie has been an essential member in keeping the club running through her roles on the committee. Learning to row with the club, she has gone from strength to strength. Her knowledge and passion for the sport have given her many opportunities, one of which is umpiring for Scottish Rowing. We thank Lizzie for all her contribution to the club over the years, and can’t wait to see wherever her future leads!


Moona Vilen, Geography and Environmental Science BSc (Hons)


Secretary 21/22

Moona joined the club as a coxswain in 2018, coxing many different crews during training sessions, and even joined the DUBC swim team upon sinking! Alongside her skilled coxing, she also brought fantastic photography skills that have featured across all our social platforms over the years. Race day excitement has been captured effortlessly on-camera time and time again by Moona, and we wouldn’t be able to share what we do here at DUBC to such a high standard without her. She has been an asset to the club throughout her time here, and we wish her the very best of luck as she goes on to teach geography in Finland!


Oliver Bohle, Physics MSc (Hons)


Since 2017, when Oli first joined the club, he has been a shining example of what can truly be achieved at DUBC. With an already impressive background in watersports, his talent in the boat grew from strength to strength over the years. Oli’s brute power was spotlighted in his first year when he bent a backstay off the boat doing race starts but he has also displayed strength in setting and upholding the standards among our members. Oli has set a glowing example of what hard work and dedication can do - one that incoming rowers can look up to. We wish him the very best of luck on his travels to Oslo where he’ll be studying for his PhD, and look forward to future rowing achievements, amongst his adventures in cross-country skiing!


Ricarda Dobrinsky, Biochemistry BSc (Hons)


Ricci joined DUBC in 2018 alongside a large cohort of fresher girls. She quickly became a regular face at training sessions, with her dedication propelling her into racing. Competing throughout the year in the Fresher Girls 8+, including at Aberdeen and Inverness, her bubbly personality was always a great addition to every squad. We can’t wait to see and hear about everything to come, wishing her the best in whatever she goes on to do!


Sam Vanderplank, Animation BDes (Hons)


Sam came to one of our Give-It-A-Row sessions in 2021 and joined our Beginner Men’s squad for the year. He quickly found his feet within the club and competed for the first time in the Beginner Men’s 4x at Inverness Head Race in November. Completing his final year project in animation was no easy feat, and yet Sam has remained a committed member of DUBC, on and off the water! A familiar face at the socials, Sam has no doubt become a friend to all. With his final race at Castle Semple in May, he has come leaps and bounds in only his first year of rowing, and we’re excited to see where the future takes him.


Savannah Manning, Economics MA (Hons)


Savannah joined the club in 2021 with our fresher intake in September, and after her give-it-a-row, became an integral member of our Beginner Women’s squad. Alongside completing the final year of her degree, she took up a new sport, and her commitment to training has shown through her shining moments during regatta season this year. Savannah also introduced us to our unofficial mascot, Poppy the dog, who has supported us all at some of our races. We wish her the very best of luck in her future endeavours!


Theo Howe, Biomedical Sciences BSc (Hons)


Joining the club in 2018, Theo immediately made an impact as a colourful character. He could put a smile on everyone's face, regardless of the ups and downs experienced during training, as well as lift the spirits of an evening social. His charming personality became vibrant on a night out, never having to ask him twice to take part in some of our more high-spirited socials. Alongside his commitment on and off the water at DUBC, Theo immersed himself in the adventurous life at the Tayforth University Officers’ Training Corps (OTC), showcasing perfectly the drive and determination that we know and love. We’re looking forward to seeing where life after graduation takes him, and wish him all the best!


Thomas Nelson, Psychology MA (Hons)


Club Master 19/20, 20/21, 21/22

Thomas joined DUBC in his first year and during his time here he has not only learned to row but contributed greatly through his roles on the committee and his dedication to developing mental health infrastructure. Through the initial development of the welfare officer role, Thomas created our wellness action plan, oversaw the welfare subcommittee, and took a leading role in several mental health campaigns such as What's Rowing on in Your Head? and Winter Wellbeing. His commitment to these improvements was acknowledged by Scottish Student Sport, as well as the Sports Union who awarded him a merit and the Aaron McEwen Sakura Quaich for mental health. We wish him luck in his future and wish him well on his journey to becoming a clinical psychologist!


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