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Graduates 2023

Congratulations to all the graduates of class 2023! Every single one of you has made DUBC the incredible club it is - we are forever grateful for the hours that have been put in both at training and into the development of the club throughout your time with us. We hope you have enjoyed your time here, and wish you all the very best of luck in the future. Thank you!

Ben Allen, Biomedical and Molecular Sciences MSc


Ben joined us last September, and in the year he’s been with us, he’s been a joy to have around the boathouse. Ben completed his undergraduate degree in genetics before coming to Dundee last September to undertake a master's in biomedical and molecular sciences. Juggling his studies and rowing, Ben has remained committed to training, having competed at a number of races this semester with the club. Along with the rest of the beginner's squad, we’re tremendously proud of how far they’ve come, and hope Ben continues rowing as he leaves us! We wish him the very best going forward in life.


David Hill, International Relations and Politics MA (Hons)


Joining in his first year, David has been a part of the club the entirety of his degree, an achievement in itself as his commitment has never flagged. His drive to strive in the club has shown as he progressed from the beginner crew in his first year, through development, and making the senior squad. Always a familiar face at races, training, socials, and just about anything to do with DUBC, we're going to miss him around the boat house. We'd like to extend a huge congratulations for achieving a first class in his degree in International Relations and Politics and hope that he goes on to achieve much more, both in and out of rowing, in the future.


Ellie Leeder, Biochemistry MSc (Hons)


Secretary 20/21, President 21/22

Ellie’s experience of DUBC has been far from ordinary. Joining just before covid, her first year with the club was cut short as training was suspended throughout the pandemic. Nevertheless, she committed to becoming the club’s secretary in 20/21, and the following year took on the immense role of club president. It is a testament to her character that Ellie not only managed but excelled within her leadership of the team alongside completing her 4th year. Under her direction, the club bounced back remarkably. Moving into the last year, Ellie has accomplished a first class in her masters, an achievement to be hugely proud of while staying as dedicated to training as she has. We’re incredibly sad to see her go, and she’ll be greatly missed by everyone here at DUBC. She’s remained a dependable, passionate individual, and we’re unbelievably proud of how far she’s come, and we’ll all be cheering her on to whatever she goes on to do in the future.


Georgia Phillips, Anatomical Sciences BSc (Hons)


Social Convenor 22/23

Georgia joined us in 2021 as part of the beginner's squad that year. Alongside her teammates in the squad, she quickly showed her commitment to training, competing for the first time at Inverness Head in 2021. Georgia has gone from strength to strength in the boat, and recently finished off her time at DUBC with a win at Castle Semple Regatta this May! Also a familiar face at socials, Georgia took up the role of social convenor last year, fitting into the position perfectly with her lively, vibrant personality that will be sorely missed amongst the club going forward. We wish her the best of luck, and hope that she returns to the Tay again in the future!


Hamza Liaqat, Business Analytics MSc


Hamza joined us last year, having never rowed before but eager to make a splash in the club. Coming to Dundee to study for his master's, he's been balancing his studies whilst remaining committed to learning everything he can about rowing. Known for not being the most awake on race mornings, we hope he doesn't have too many more early mornings in the near future and gets the rest he deserves. We're going to miss his upbeat attitude and smiles as he goes on to further fields. We wish him the best of luck in the future, and hope he continues his rowing journey!


Holly Lyall, Anatomical Sciences BSc (Hons)


Having joined us from a rowing background, Holly came to Dundee to continue her progression in the sport. She's remained dedicated throughout her entire time in the club, always showing up at regular sessions and just about every night out. The life of the party, we're going to miss having her around to liven things up. She's been a helping hand wherever it has been needed, and we're incredibly grateful that she's done it with such positivity - always bringing a smile with her. Going forward, we hope she continues to row, and that she'll come back to visit in the future, but for now, we wish her the best in her new adventures!


Ivan Vornov, Law (Eng/NI) LLB (Hons)


Treasurer 22/23

Ivan joined in 2020 alongside the fresher's intake after give-it-a-go sessions that year. Coming along to sessions and becoming a regular face at socials, he integrated himself quickly into the club and joined the committee for 22/23 as Treasurer, where he oversaw the club finances. Dedicated to his studies, he took a back seat from training moving into this semester to focus on achieving his degree in Law, which is a huge achievement to be greatly proud of. Whatever life next has in store for him, we're sure that Ivan will excel.


James Colvin, Mechanical Engineering BEng (Hons)


James joined us in the last year of his degree, with the fresher intake last September. Having already joined us the year before at some socials, he integrated seamlessly amongst all members of the club. His positivity at those cold, winter sessions never wavered - always bringing a smile with him. James has been a joy to have around, and we’re sure that whatever the future brings him, it’ll be a bright one.


Jessi Juujarvie, International Business with Marketing BSc (Hons)


Jessi has been with us for two years, joining as a beginner in 2021, and throughout her time she’s put her best foot forward in all things DUBC. Her dedication to training and improving has been second-to-none, both on and off the water. Another familiar at socials, she rarely missed out on spending time with others in the club, becoming a friendly face to many of our members, old and new. Jessi’s departure from the club wasn’t without triumph, as she picked up her first rowing medal at Castle Semple Regatta! As she leaves us, we wish her the best going forward to her Master’s overseas and want her to know she’ll be greatly missed.


Jessica Garcia, Biomedical Sciences BSc (Hons)


Jessica joined the club in her first year, becoming a friendly face to everyone within the club. After taking some time out for injury recovery, she came back with a newfound drive to improve her rowing abilities, earning herself Most Improved at the annual Christmas Dinner 2021. Always bringing a smile with her, we hope she's enjoyed every minute of her time down at the boat house and in the erg room, and wish her the best going forward into her career!


Seth Turner, Physics BSc (Hons)


Safety and Welfare Officer 22/23

Having rowed with ASRA during school, Seth joined us in his third year of university with an impressive background in the sport. Over his two years at the club, he’s contributed massively across all aspects - from coxing to equipment, welfare to coaching. Balancing a physics degree while maintaining his extremely active part both in the senior squad and on the committee, Seth was a credit to the club, and we’re incredibly grateful for the time he has devoted to the development of DUBC. With his stand-out personality, Seth is a warm, friendly face, which suited him perfectly to the role of Safety and Welfare Officer last year. We’re sad to see him go, but wish him every success in his future endeavors, and hope to see him out on the water making a splash again!


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