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Adele Yuldasheva - Made of More

My name is Adele, I am originally from St Petersburg, but I have lived in a little countryside town in Norfolk since 2012.

I chose Dundee because it is a compact city with lots of nice coffee shops and an excellent medical school. From childhood I knew I wanted to study somewhere in Scotland and Dundee seemed like the perfect place, with great transport links to other beautiful Scottish towns. I am a medical student with a dream of becoming a GP! You might recognise me from the Dundee Radiology Society where I am their event coordinator!

I joined DUBC within my first month at the university without any hesitation, I was greeted so warmly by the seniors, and I really enjoy being a part of such a motivated team. I was pleasantly surprised that the club is entirely student run: every member is very supportive and ready to share their tips and tricks for success in this sport.

The behind the scenes work that goes on is vast and it is incredible how full-time students reading very demanding degrees can balance that and running a fully functional club. This made me want to join to help as a sub-committee member. My role is very fulfilling, I mostly help with organising fundraising events.

My proudest rowing moment was competing at the 2021 Inverness Head race in a four, it was a very fun weekend away and it was great visiting such a quaint Scottish town, near the home of Nessie (Loch Ness Monster)!

Before joining DUBC I was a synchronised and speed swimmer for 7 years, so I have prior experience of working as a close-knit unit to achieve a goal and follow a demanding training plan.

What I enjoy most about rowing is that it is a blend of strength training and aerobic exercise, I feel stronger and energised after every training session!

My occupation outside of rowing is studying, after all I am a full-time student with just a slight rowing addiction! Being a rower helps with the work-life balance, training sessions help me to unwind and take my mind off things. A blessing of being a medicine student is that it is a ‘long haul’ degree (5/6 years) meaning I can be a part of DUBC for an extra-long time!!

In the evenings I enjoy playing the piano, I am currently working towards my ABRSM grade 8 exam. I also love reading and discussing Russian literature Classics, Dostoevkiy and Chehov are my favourite authors. During term time, when I have a spare afternoon, I enjoy exploring Dundee’s neighbouring towns with my friends, St Andrews being my favourite so far!

During the long summer holidays, I enjoy travelling with my grandmother and visiting my family back home in St Petersburg.

What makes DUBC more than just a sports club are the members, going to training is as much a social event as it is a workout, it is always so fun! The early morning sessions enable you to start your day in the best possible way. The boat club has made me more resilient mentally and physically! If you are reading this and thinking about joining DUBC this is your sign, I promise you won’t regret it!!!


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