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David Hill - Made of More


I’m David and I’m from Hertfordshire, England. I study Politics MA with Honours at the University of Dundee. I’m in my third year. I chose Dundee because the inter-disciplinary modules they offered for Years 1 and 2 gave me the freedom to explore other academic fields in the department of social sciences. Such a system of flexibility, not offered by English Universities, where I could learn not only about political science but also other fields, ranging from urban planning to economics drew my academic interest to the course.

So far, I have tried out Tennis Club along with attending Christian Union and Rucksack Club. I have also been a member of Dundee University Politics Society which focuses around discussing contemporary political issues we see in the news and wider political topics such as political theory and ideology. I remember in the first meeting; we were each given the task of deciding the constitution of a new country. Some of the members came up with some very funny laws for their country.

I’m one of two equipment officers in the club and attend meetings with the chairman of the Safety & Equipment sub-committee where we set tasks to ensure club safety and equipment is to the highest standard. Meetings focus on setting procedures for equipment maintenance such as regular engine checks, detailing the practises the club will implement to raise safety awareness such as safety briefs and allocating tasks to the equipment team such as checking over heel restraints and bow balls in the boats.

I’m a development rower and learned to row at Dundee University since 2019. My proudest moment in my journey at the club has been seeing my rowing technique and output develop at races. The level of confidence and grit I have gained since my first race at Inverness in the men’s beginner four in 2019 to rowing for the men’s intermediate eight again at Inverness in 2022 has proven that when the heat is on, I can handle the pressure! Other proud moments I would say would be making it through the tough morning erg sessions and knowing I have done the Club Captain and Men’s Captain proud!

My aspirations would be to attend more races, such as the Castle Semple Regatta and Scottish Championships this summer where I can really show what I can do in the boat from the training we as a club have done on the water, on the erg and in the gym. When it’s not sport, it’s socials, and that’s one thing this amazing club offers for members. From ceilidhs to nights out, to pub and flat crawls, I have met so many fun, lovely and inspiring people who all love having a great time just like me! Whether it’s singing your heart out with your best mates in Tropicana or laughing so hard during a challenge at Revenge that you almost cry, DUBC socials are not something you want to miss. But above all, this club really gives members the personal support and care every student deserves. I remember the Club Captain being the first person at University I opened up to about losing a close family member, which just goes to show the level of trust I have with those folks on Committee.

My favourite thing to do outside rowing would be spending time with friends, whether that be going to the pub, watching a movie or having a good old laugh. I also love spending time developing my personal fitness. When I’m not sweating out the distance on the erg or following the signals of the cox during a water session at Inchyra, I’m at the gym practising my deadlift, squats, and barbell rows. As most people know, students are a busy bunch and there’s always that question of how you balance sport and academia. The trick is to structure your study hours around the water or indoor session you’ve signed up for in the week. If I can’t find time to do a morning session, then I usually make a visit to the gym and hop on an erg to make up for lost distance. In the summer I kept myself occupied by working as a site operator for Mitie. It was first time handling 12-hour shifts, but I quickly adapted. Last semester I put in an application for the Royal Marine Reserve in which I passed the entrance tests, but I decided to place the interest on hold. I’m hoping to re-apply this semester where I will get the opportunity to start my training in the summer.

For me, being “made of more” simply means having the willingness to go outside of your comfort zone and that’s exactly what DUBC provides for members who have keen aspirations to develop their careers as student athletes. Preparing for a 2k or 5k test is no easy task but if you show the commitment and edge to do all the preparatory work necessary to the get result you want then rowing can be one of the most personally satisfying sports you can do.


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