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December Review

The month of December is always a busy time with exams and training coming to an end. This year however, many things were cut short due to Omicron including the annual Christmas dinner. However, the night is planning to be rescheduled in the new year to ensure members still get to enjoy the social aspect this night provides. Training also came to an abrupt end towards the end due to government advice changing.

An entire club meeting was held to provide the members with lots of useful information about the upcoming semester next year, and also to hold an EGM allowing us to elect a new position to the committee. This role is a ‘general member’ and is there to provide extra support and advice to benefit the club as a whole, acting as a representative role on the committee.

There was some great news when the club received a very generous financial donation which will be extremely helpful in the maintenance of our equipment and potential trips for races. All at the club are very grateful for this kindness.

To round off this month's review we would just like to wish all our members, and everyone associated with this club a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We can’t wait to get things back up and running next semester and are very excited for what lies ahead.


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