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Joel Codd - Made of More

My name is Joel and I’m from just outside Spilsby, Lincolnshire – I chose Dundee because it offered a good degree in a location that would allow me to spend time in the countryside and return to the city easily. I study third year Architecture here at Dundee. Since first year I have been a part of the fencing club, I had been in tennis for first year and for two years a member of boat along with the architecture society.

I am currently in committee as the social secretary for boat club and train at a beginner level in primarily fours and eights and am hoping to get out in a double for BUCS. Since joining boat I have had two moments I am particularly proud of, firstly is juts surprising myself with a good 5k score in my first erg test, finally in coming second in a novice race, as a beginner, with a crew I hadn’t raced with before. A main goal of mine while in the club is to try and win one race and run for a captain role next academic year and to improve my fitness as much as I can. Personally, I really enjoy that DUBC has a friendly welcoming entrance for people that haven’t rowed before to join, learn and race with too much pressure.

Outside of rowing I try to do a few things, fencing, cycling and I have a book reading goal for the year that I keep trying to reach and increase. My course would definitely keep me occupied and trying to balance everything can become tricky when everything starts to impede on each other. Rowing has proven to be one of the things that I can do with a surefire chance of calming myself and preparing myself for a productive day be it through training or socials. Architecture requires a large mixture of different approaches, mathematical, creative and literary so it’s a nice change to get out on the water and forget about everything for a couple of hours and reset the mind. Fencing is also a nice escape if a bit more adrenaline fuelled being a literal sword fight. Beyond sports I try to maintain hobbies such as writing, travelling around and learning random new things to occupy myself – my new aim being the guitar (wish me luck – I need it).

Boat club has been much more than rowing for me, I have made friends and had great times in the club to the extent that I now live with six other maniacs also in boat club. It’s good knowing that there are people that you can turn to and be friends with as things get hard as we have a welfare officer who does an amazing job at helping people where and when he can. It really help show that DUBC isn’t just about boats, we’re a community that has all the ups and downs that any community would have and are always looking out for one another.


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