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Konstantin Menge - Made of More

My name is Konstantin Menge, I come from Thuringia, Germany. I was lucky to get accepted into

my course at Dundee after all other scottish universities had rejected me. I study

electronic engineering in my fourth and final year now. I was a member of the video game

society DUVGS in my first year and joined DUBC in my second year and have been a

proud member ever since.

Since my second year at DUBC I have been an equipment officer, and now also a member

of the safety and equipment sub committee. I had no previous rowing experience and

learned everything I know at Dundee, be that rowing technique or equipment work.

My proudest achievement has been not capsizing a boat, although some might say there was

an attempt when I jumped out of one. I wanted to join DUBC after a weekend on the water

with a friend of mine back in Germany, wanting to learn how to properly row and also

improve my general fitness. I quickly realized that it was worth staying for the people

though, after receiving a very warm welcome and being met with nothing but positivity.

DUBC is great because of its members, it has something on offer for all levels of athletes

and whilst our equipment may not be the best, especially compared to other rowing clubs,

the general mindset and can-do approach by everybody certainly make up for it. Rowing

as a sport is great too, training all parts of the body, as well as being a great blend of

strength and cardio training.

Outside of rowing I enjoy playing video games with my mates, and more recently going for

rides on my motorcycle. During term time however there is little time for either, because

if I‘m not out with the club I‘m catching up on coursework, projects and reports, but that

is something that puts a smile on my face since it proves how much the club has to offer.

Outside of term time I‘m usually in Germany where I work with my father and make use of

my electronic engineering abilities, whilst gaining valuable real world experience, which is

a nice change in pace to the usual lab experiments. I have not found any rowing clubs near

me back in Germany but the erg is always there for me. When I‘m not away for work I go

on cruises with my friends and enjoy some time off.

DUBC is more of a community than just a sports club. In addition to consistent socials,

there is always chatter and socializing going before and after training sessions. My closest

friends at university I have met through the club and it has greatly helped me develop, not

only as a rower, but as a person in general. Showing up to club activity, be it training, boat

work, or socials is always a highlight to me where I feel homely, but am also able to push

hard and improve further. I realize this article might read itself like a sponsored

advertisement, but I truly have nothing bad to say about the club, joining it has been the

best choice I made and my only regret is not joining sooner.


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