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March Review

March began with the club heading to Inverness for Fours and Eights head. It was our second time racing at Inverness for the season and crews had a lot of success. The Women’s Novice 2x managed to win their category, with multiple crews picking up second place and a third place in the Men’s Novice 1x too. Everyone had a great time and gained a lot of racing experience ready to take into the summer season.

A large club social was organised for St Patricks day which was a great break from training and a way to socialise for all the members. The attendance was good and there were high spirits from all involved. Throughout the day there were various activities planned or places to be which allowed for an action-packed day of things to do.

A pub quiz was organised in order to raise some funds for the club. This was held at Tinsmith, a local pub, with around 40 people attending. Some impressive displays of knowledge were on show, but more importantly it was a nice change to normal socials and a way to raise money for the club too.

April is setting up to be a very exciting month for the club with Blues and Colours at the start of the month, followed by the Alumni Ceilidh the night after. With the weather gradually getting warmer too, Regattas are just around the corner.


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