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Graduates 2024

It’s that time of year again where we have to say goodbye to our DUBC graduates. There is a group of great people leaving us this year and we wish them all a bittersweet farewell and all the luck with whatever comes next in their journey – hopefully more rowing! We are so grateful for the hard work and positive energy all our graduates have brought to both our committee and regular training. Our club will be forever stronger due to your contributions.

Goodbye and good luck!


Eilidh Mcmenamin 2021-2024

BSC (Hons) Neuroscience

Pr Convenor 22/23, Beginner Captain 23/24

Eilidh joined us at DUBC in her second year, after her first year was disrupted by the pandemic. She learned to row with us, and her exceptionally positive, hard-working attitude meant she integrated into the club instantly and formed many new friendships. In her second year with the club, Eilidh became one half of our PR convenor, sharing the role with another member. During her time in this role, she worked exceptionally hard to ensure all of our social media were up to date, as well as helping out in other areas of the club and becoming a confidant for other members. Her time in the committee led her to take on another role, becoming our Beginner Captain for 2023/24. Eilidh embraced this role and formed a great group of rowers from our 2024 beginners, taking them to many races and giving them an unforgettable first year with DUBC. All of Eilidh's hard work led her to receive a well-deserved merit award at the start of the year. Eilidh has been an asset to the club, and we would like to thank her for all of her hard work in the committee and for always being a friendly face. We wish her all the best in the future as she takes on a coaching job at The King's School, Canterbury!


Emma Morrison 2020-2024

BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences (Plant Science)

Beginner Captain 22/23, Development Captain 23/24

Emma joined us at DUBC in her first year, having learnt to row previously at Clydesdale ARC she fit right in to our senior squad. Joining during COVID-19, Emma’s first year with the club was a bit of a different one but once racing started up again in her second year at DUBC she got to see what our club really had to offer. Emma’s extensive knowledge of rowing led her straight into committee, in her 3rd year in the club she joined as Beginner Captain, giving us some great new ideas. All her hard work paid off and she received a merit award for her contributions to coaching and club infrastructure. Emma wasn’t stopping there! In her fourth and final year with us Emma has been our diligent Development Captain, becoming a familiar face for all our members whether it be coaching at training sessions, or hosting a Wednesday session. We’d like to thank Emma, for all she’s contributed to DUBC, we hope she has enjoyed her time with us and wish her the best in whatever lies ahead.


Robert Davis 2019-2024

MSc Applied Neuroscience

Men's Captain 20/21, Development Captain 22/23

Rob joined us at DUBC in 2019 during his first year, having previously learnt to row at St. Andrews BC. Competing as part of our senior squad, his ability and knowledge quickly led him to committee where, in 2020, he took on the role of Men’s Captain. He excelled and his commitment to DUBC only strengthened, leading into 2022 where he took on another captaincy role as our Development Captain. His contributions and dedication to this role didn’t go unnoticed and he received a merit in 2022 for his coaching input. After completing his undergraduate degree in Neuroscience, Rob took on a masters allowing him another year within the club to join our recreational squad. Rob’s contributions to DUBC are extensive and we would like to thank him for all the time he has put into the club during his 5 years with us and wish him all the best going forward.


Molly Scott 2022-2024

PhD in Molecular and Clinical Medicine

Club President 22/23, 23/24

From the moment Molly stepped foot at Inchyra we knew we had to keep her about. Used to ever so slightly better launching conditions at Bath Uni BC, Molly quickly got stuck into our Senior Women’s squad and helping everywhere else through coxing and coaching. Her wealth of knowledge was put to use in our committee where she spent 2 seasons as President overseeing the whole club and ensuring everything was on track. Her commitment while also pursuing her PhD was commendable as she organised a very successful ceilidh in 2023 and saw the club as a finalist for Sports Union Club of the Year. We can’t wait to see where soon to be Dr Scott goes in both her professional and rowing career.


Erin MacInnes 2022-2024

Law (Scots and English Dual Qualifying) LLB (Hons)

General Member 22/23, Secretary 23/24

Erin joined us in her 3rd year of studying, balancing a degree in law with many other sporting commitments, Erin’s dedication to training didn’t waiver and she quickly learnt to row going on to compete in multiple races. This dedication led her to take on the role of General Member in our 22-23 committee, becoming a friendly face that represented our other DUBC members. Erin worked her way up from beginner squad to development and this hard work also led her into another committee role. She took on Club Secretary in 2023 and became a familiar name alongside our boat club emails. We would like to thank Erin for her time at DUBC and wish her all the best for whatever is in store next, hopefully we may see her again on the Tay!


Euan Hay 2021-2024

BSc Physics

Equipment Manager 23/24

Euan joined us in his second year and learnt to row through our beginner squad. Juggling a physics degree with a great commitment to training, he got the hang of it pretty quickly and was soon competing alongside our senior men, taking home a number of medals. Medals weren’t Euan’s only interest and before long he'd joined our committee, taking on the ever-important role of Equipment Manager in his final year with us. Even in light of a few minor casualties along the way (the motorway to be exact), Euan stayed on the ball and kept our equipment in great shape. We would like to thank him for all the hard work and dedication he has offered DUBC during his time with us. We wish him all the best, hoping he has had a great experience within the club and continues to row going forward!


Calum Cumming 2019-2024

Msc Biological Data Science

Men's Captain 21/22

Calum joined us in our beginner squad as a fresher in 2019. He had no prior experience in rowing but this didn't deter him, and he quickly became one of our most familiar faces. While COVID-19 led to slight disruptions of Calum’s experience at DUBC, he was soon a strong competitor within our senior squad. His dedication to training quickly landed him in committee and he became our Men’s Captain for the 2021-2022 academic year, helping to grow and shape the club even further. After completing his degree in Biomedical Science, Callum went on to do a masters, meaning he got a bit of extra time at DUBC to make up for the loss during the pandemic. Always a positive addition to any training session or social, Calum will be missed, and we’d like to thank him for his 5 years of commitment to DUBC. We wish him all the best and hope he continues to row in the future!


Charlie Weir 2020-2024

Law (Scots) LLB (Hons)

Safety and Welfare Officer 21/22

Charlie joined DUBC in 2020 immediately making his mark. His previous experience at Clydesdale ARC was immediately put to good use and proved a huge benefit as we worked through the pandemic greatly increasing the safety in the club. Completely overhauling our previous safety equipment, Charlie was vital in obtaining new up to standard first aid kits, life jackets and much more. In 2021 he completed his Level 2 Powerboat to ensure the club had adequate safety cover on the water. His alternative teaching style to beginner sculling fairly put members in at the deep end but eventually produced very proficient scullers, this contribution to coaching didn't go unnoticed and he received a merit in 2021. To this day, Charlie still makes his surprise appearances at socials never failing to make others smile. We wish Charlie the best as he goes onto his next endeavours.


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